Basic game mechanics ⚔

Beanterra is a turn-based strategy/tactical game where Beanels use its abilities to defeat adversaries on an isometric map. To start playing, players require a team of 3-Beanel minimum.

Players take turns moving and using abilities following a queue system. For every Beanel turn, the player will first choose how to move their Beanel and then choose an action to perform. Beanels only have three basic actions:

  • Attack,

  • Hold (Defense) and

  • Ability (Use of Relics).

Move and Attack 🏹

A Beanel's movement range is determined by it's movement speed and the terrain type. After moving, a Beanel can also attack. The attack pattern depends on the specific Beanel's attack ability (determined by their horn body part). Attack deals elemental damage and apply elemental status to the enemy in alignment with the Beanel's element.

Hold 🛡

When a player chooses the 'Hold' action, it grants a temporary increase in Agility (AGI) and Defense (DEF) stats which helps protect the Beanel from enemy attacks.

Ability 🎒

Lastly, players can also choose to use Relics that are carried by Beanels (whose carrying capacity depends on the wing/back body part). The use of Relics can compensate for the offensive or defensive weakness of a Beanels basic abilities.

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