Beanels 🐱

Beanels are the main protagonists in the game.

To start playing, players can purchase Beanels from the NFT sale of Origin Beanels, or from subsequent sale of Beanels that are bred on-chain. Players can also rent Beanels via the scholarship programme.

Four Beanel classes

Depending on the Beanel's habitat, there are different starting classes with corresponding abilities and restrictions:

  • Fin Beanels who swim the vast oceans,

  • Leaf Beanels who inhabit the jungles and forests,

  • Fur Beanels who roam the grasslands and lush plains and

  • Winged Beanels who conquer the skies of Beanterra.

Each Beanel class has its own set of unique body parts specific to its class.

Five elements

Every Beanel, Relic (artifact) and Bemoth has its own element:

  • Levin (lightning) is strong against Terra and weak against Zephyr

  • Zephyr (wind) is strong against Levin and weak against Pyre

  • Aqua (water) is strong against Pyre and weak against Terra

  • Pyre (fire) is strong against Zephyr and weak against Aqua

  • Terra (earth) is strong against Aqua and weak against Levin

The elements affects the ability and effectiveness of each Beanel. Each element has an element it is strong against and one it is weak against, giving a very balanced gameplay.

Beanel body parts

Depending on the class of the Beanel, each Beanel will have six different body parts which affect ability in various ways:

  • Crown/Ear/Horn affects the type of basic offensive ability and attack pattern

  • Eyes affects the effectiveness of hits on the enemy

  • Mouth affects the effectiveness of Relic mastery

  • Wings/Back affects the ability to carry Relic items

  • Tail/Backfin affects the defense ability and stats

  • Skin affects the effectiveness of Elemental usage

Beanel body part quality

Each body part has a quality level:

  • Battered

  • Clean

  • Sparkly

  • Flawless

  • Pristine

In the breeding process, an offspring Beanel's quality level will be highly influenced by its parents. However, even though two parents may have the highest quality traits (Pristine) this doesn't guarantee the production of a Pristine quality due to the possibility of random mutations.

Character statistics

The body part quality of each Beanel, will influence the four base stats that affect the Beanel's combat ability:

  • Vitality (VIT) - Affects health and increase abilities damage

  • Agility (AGI) - Affects speed, evasion and critical rate

  • Dexterity (DEX) - Affects accuracy and critical damage

  • Spirit (SPI) - Affects spell relic abilities and increases abilities damage

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