Breeding Beanels ๐Ÿงฌ

Beanterra features a gene-based breeding system. The Beanel gene is stored on-chain within the Beanelโ€™s NFT contract and determines its traits (class, element, body part type, and quality).

During breeding, the contract combines the genes of both parents, based on groups of bit-arrays, to form individual genes. Just like real biology, each gene can be dominant or recessive, and random mutations can occur.

Based on this principle of genetics, players can selectively breed Beanels to cultivate traits that are suited for a particular play style.

Key features of the breeding system

  • On-chain hashes to represent unique genes that determine Beanel traits

  • Gene expression can be Dominant, Recessive, Slight Recessive

  • Genes determine:

    • the overall Beanel class (related to habitat) and element (related to ability and stats)

    • the combination of Beanel body part

    • the quality of Beanel body parts

  • During breeding, there is a high chance that the offspring will inherit parents' body parts and quality

  • Due to the effect of mutation, there is no definite guarantee that offspring inherit the best qualities of its parents

Breeding rules

  • Breeding is possible within the same class and not from the same family line

  • A Beanel can only breed after reaching specific milestones of its maturity (based on the EXP points of the Beanel). This encourages players to engage in gameplay rather than performing pure farming with the potential to flood the market with an over-supply of Beanels

  • Each Beanel is capped at a max breed count and thereโ€™s an increased cost for each Beanel bred

  • Beanel must reach level 20 before they are able to breed.

Check out the section on breeding economics for more explanation about the breeding cost.

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