Beanterra litepaper
Free-to-play ๐ŸŽ“
The Green Beanz team strives to maintain a low barrier-to-entry for players by applying tokenomics that keep the price low when purchasing a starting Beanel team. โ€จ
Furthermore, in order to truly be a game for the community and masses, players can further lower the initial barrier via the Beanel scholarship programme. Players without any Beanels or other assets can rent and start playing on Beanterra while sharing the rewards back with the leasing owner. Green Beanz strives to create an equitable profit share between Beanel scholars and their respective owners.
Beanterra is also designed without paywalls that require players to pay for assets to progress in-game. Players will always be able to progress and level up their Beanels over time based on equitable efforts in skill and gameplay hours.
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