Gameplay modes 🎮

Beanterra will feature several different playing modes to suit the style of the player:

Single player 👤

The single player adventure mode is will be closely tied to Beanterra's storyline, which will unfold in multiple episodes. Players can look forward to discovering how the story and mysteries of Beanterra and Beanels unfold. Players will also get one-time rewards for completing the storyline mode.

Missions and quests 📅

For players seeking to hone and improve their skills, they can challenge themselves in regular and special missions. There will be daily, weekly and monthly missions, as well as special events, where players can look forward to greater rewards.

PvP co-op 👥

Beanterra features a multi-player cooperative gameplay mode to encourage teamwork in defeating the common enemy, the Bemoths. As Beanterra develops and scales up, the size of maps and co-op group size will continue to increase, allowing for more complex and exciting gameplay.

Non-combat gameplay 🧑‍🌾

Besides engaging in combat against the Bemoths, Beanterra also features an extensive upgrade tree where players can do an in-depth study of Beanel husbandry, and become experts at breeding highly skilled Beanels with a high resale value.

Players can also choose to be Beanterra alchemists, collecting raw materials from around Beanterra and crafting rare and powerful relics that can be sold for potentially high value.

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