Marketplace 🏪

Beanterra's in-game NFT marketplace allows players to easily sell their Beanels, relics, and other in-game items, including bred Beanels and crafted relics. This marketplace is in line with public open marketplaces such as Mintable that support the Zilliqa blockchain. This represents the free economy of the game that is solely driven by the community. The most exciting features of Beanterra's NFT marketplace include:

  • Gasless transactions using Beanterra's ZRC-3 based meta transactions, allowing players to pay for gas using GP instead of ZIL

  • User-friendly UI which allows buyers to seamlessly filter in-game ability, class, element, and Beanel stats to find the right Beanels with ease

  • Flexible sale/auction features which allow sellers to sell with royalties collected in GP tokens based on the new ZRC-6 standards

Royalties earned from secondary sales on the marketplace are shared between the seller and also used to fund:

  • Play-To-Earn reserve (player rewards)

  • Staking rewards

  • Donation treasury

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