Play-to-earn 💰

Besides being fun to play, Beanterra also offers many opportunities for players to earn —as an Adventurer, Farmer, Alchemist, and/or Scholar.

Adventurer (Earn through quest completion)

There are several gameplay modes (single-player adventure, daily/weekly or special quests) where players can earn rewards in Genesis Particle (GP) tokens and relics. GP tokens will be tradable on the ZilSwap decentralized exchange, while relics NFTs are tradable on both in-game or external marketplaces such as Mintable.

Farmer (Earn through breeding)

Players who love to study the Beanel husbandry and genetics system can apply their knowledge to breed Beanels with high-quality body parts, that would fetch a higher value. Rather than just selling a single Beanel, creating a bundle with a balanced combination of Beanels with the right class, element, and abilities, would make a very strong Beanel team and fetch greater value on the NFT marketplace.

Alchemist (Earn through crafting)

Many powerful relics exist in the game, and some are only accessible through the crafting system. Players can choose to collect common relics and create more powerful relics using the crafting system to fetch a higher price on the NFT marketplace.

Scholar sponsor (Earn through rental)

Finally, players who have less time to play Beanterra actively are still able to earn passive income by putting their Beanels up for lease through a scholarship programme. Beanterra scholars can rent these Beanels to play with and equitably share the GP token rewards. Scholarship programmes can be done at both individual and institutional levels using guilds.

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