Relics (Artifacts) 🪄

Beanels can carry a limited number of artifacts, known as relics, into each battle.

The relics system complements the inherent abilities of Beanel body parts. While body parts and the corresponding stats of a Beanel cannot be changed after birth, relics provide an alternative method to boost the abilities of Beanels.

Relic types

There are three types of relics: Spells, Items, and Summons. Each of them affects the Beanel's ability in a different way.

1. Item relics

Item relics allow players to use trinkets, traps, and devices to disable/weaken enemies without the need for elemental affinity.

2. Spell relics

Spell relics allow players to use spells within their Beanel's element type which increases effectiveness in defeating enemies.

3. Summon relics

Summon relics allow players to summon creatures/characters to aid in battle. These relics are extremely rare as the summons can use different elemental abilities to synergize with their Beanel's element.

Relic tiers

There are different rarity tiers to relics: Common, Rare, Extraordinary, Mystic, and the exclusive 'Otherworldly' tier.

  • All relics have minimum stats requirements. Generally, items require Agility and Dexterity. Spells require Spirit and Dexterity. Summons require Vitality and Spirit.

  • Otherworldly relics are a way to enable collaborations between games where a Relic NFT can be used in multiple games. The Green Beanz Network hosts a vast community of NGOs, organizations, and projects. We plan to collaborate and create unique partnership-based special summons that have utility in both Beanterra and ecosystems beyond. This would greatly enhance the collectible value of the relic.

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