Terrain and environment 🏞

The terrain on each tile can influence the movement of Beanels and other enemies depending on the Beanel's class and elemental type. This provides tactical advantages/disadvantages to different Beanels in gameplay:
  • Plain (Default) - No special effect
  • Rock structures - Only passable for Terra element Beanels and Bemoths
  • Pollution Smog - Impassable for all Zephyr element Beanels and Bemoths
  • Mists/Fogs - Reduces dexterity greatly for all Beanels and Bemoths
  • Waterbody - Aqua Beanels and Bemoths can move further. Passable for Zephyr and Levin Beanels and Bemoths
  • Tall Grassland - Pyre Beanels and Bemoths can move further. If tall grassland catches fire, it would become a plain tile
  • Forest - All Beanels and Bemoths have reduced movement on forest tiles but gain additional Defense (DEF)
  • Wasteland - All Beanels and Bemoths get reduced Vitality(VIT) while standing on this tile
Different terrain types