Game tutorial

Guide to playing the beanterra game

Thank you for trying out BeanTerra. BeanTerra is a casual turn-based game allowing players to outsmart enemies with tactics.

Battle fights are easier when you:

  • Have a plan of attack and avoid having one of your Beanels being focused attacked by enemies. Always move your Beanels in tandem with each other.

  • Practice your positioning. Different Beanels have each their own attack range and patterns.

  • Have some form of support relics that heal your own Beanels or keep enemies under control.

  • Take advantage of the terrain to turn the tides of the battle!

  • Choose the correct team composition with complementary elements. Some elements combined to form a greater attack!

Battle Controls

A team is made up of a space traveller and 3 Beanels. Space Traveller is basically a hero character that has specialised abilities to assist Beanels in their fight. All units in the battle are arranged sequentially according to their SPEED attributes. The faster a unit is the earlier it can start taking action.

Action Points

Each unit is entitled to two action points. Move and Attack consumes an action point each. It can either:

  • Move first and then move a second time.

  • Move first and then make an attack

Take note if you choose to attack first, you will not be able to move your unit until its next turn!

When a unit begins its turn, you might notice that there are double-coloured tile indicators (blue and green tiles). Moving to blue tiles consumes 1 action point whereas moving to green tiles consumes 2 action points.

Attack & Guard Controls

As long as you have an action point, you can attack enemies within your range or simply stand guard. Offensively, you can choose to use Normal Attack or Use Relic on enemies.

  • Normal Attack is represented by an icon with two swords crossing (top left). Normal attacks deal plain damage based on the element of your Beanel. It does not consume any MP.

  • Using Relic is represented by an icon with a spell tome (top right). Most relics consume MP but they have powerful effects when used correctly, making it more advantageous than just using a normal attack. Take note that relic has its own range different from melee normal attack range

  • Guard is represented by a shield icon (bottom). Use it when you are out of range or action points as you never knew when your Beanels would be attacked by enemies! Guarding gives significant boosts to your defence and helped mitigate damage.

Types of terrain and their effects

It is also crucial to understand that unit on the terrain tile will get affected by the terrain type.


Plain (Default)

No special effect


Impassable for all except Winged-type units. Affects both beanels and bemoths.

Pollution Smog

Impassable for all Winged type units. Affects both beanels and bemoths.


Reduces 15% base dexterity for all units including bemoths. Affects both beanels and bemoths


Fin units only require 0.5 action cost for moving. Affects both beanels and bemoths (Shapeshifter only).


Fur units only require 0.5 action cost for moving. Additional 10% critical rate if attacking from Tall Grassland tile. Affects both beanels and bemoths (Wrangler only).


The unit gets reduced movement in forest tiles but gains 15% DEF (damage reduction). The leaf unit gets 25% DEF instead and can move 1 extra tile. Affects both beanels and bemoths (Grunt and Brute only).


The unit gets reduced Vitality (by 25%) while being on the tile. Affects only beanels.


The unit standing on the tile gets burnt 5% of HP upon entering it. Receives additional 5% HP damage per subsequent turn if it stays on it.

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