Roadmap 🧭

After the NFT sale, the Beanterra game will be released in phases and continue to evolve in its lifetime:

Episode I: Collapse of Beanterra

  • NFT sale
  • Demo breeding mechanics (for origin Beanel holders)
  • Genesis Particle (GP) token sale
  • Beanel breeding launch
  • In-game NFT Marketplace launch
  • PvE mini-game launch

Episode II: Return of the Beanels

  • PvE story-mode launch
  • PvE missions and quests
  • GP token staking system
  • DAO voting system

Episode III: Battle of Beanopolis

  • Expanded PvE and PvP gameplay modes
  • Beanterra land NFT sale
  • Beanz (BZ) token launch
  • Partner sustainability apps
  • Beanterra guild system
  • Beanel scholarship

Episode IV and Beyond

  • PvE and PvP increased map, multiplayer
  • Beanterra world creator on players' land NFT
  • Green Beanz sustainability app