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A beautiful paradise is disappearing...

In a faraway realm where space and time flow differently than our own, there exists a planet that was once considered a gem among the stars, supporting a vibrant diversity of life with lush landscapes of snowcapped mountains, fertile grasslands, and deep blue oceans. Beanels, the native lifeform on Beanterra, lived in a symbiotic relationship with the mystic beanstalk, in an endless cycle of life.

However, the beautiful paradise has since undergone one of its most devastating disasters. Beanterra is now overrun by Bemoths, gigantic mutant lifeforms with barbaric armor, staggering teeth, and menacing weapons that devour any living thing.

In a last-ditch attempt to rescue the planet, the legendary Draco Beanel used its remaining strength to open a trans-dimensional portal and send the last few surviving Beanels to Earth.

... will you be able to save it?

Although little is known about the mysteries of Beanterra, we are now calling upon brave Earthlings to adopt the cute and friendly Beanels. Despite their soft-heartedness and kind nature, they are also the last hope for Beanterra.

In the eventual fight to reclaim and restore the planet Beanterra, each Beanel, will be equipped with a basic set of unique abilities. Beanels can be greatly strengthened through both experience level ups, and the use of special artifacts, known as Relics. When used in the right combination, the Beanels can leverage tactical elemental and environmental advantages to defeat the giant Bemoths.

We invite you to adopt a Beanel, and join us on the journey to save Beanterra, and discover its secrets as the story of Beanterra unfolds...

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