Beanterra litepaper

Sustainability 🌍

Our sustainability story

Green Beanz's overall focus on sustainability is not coincidental, as the co-founders are actively involved in various climate change and zero-waste movements. Chun Hui (one of the co-founders) is an active participant of the World Cleanup Day movement, and founded the Kindred Community NGO organizing various cleanups. Through that experience, the team realized that despite the increasing media coverage about climate action, the real transformation of consumer behaviors and uptake of sustainable action has been slow.
The recently concluded COP26 is a grim reminder that a more genuine commitment to combatting impending climate destruction is desparately needed.

How Beanterra improves sustainability

Beanterra's storyline is deeply intertwined with the possible fate of Earth's climate change future, touching various topics on over-exploitation of natural resources, energy, pollution, agricultural practices, food supply and zero waste in a lighthearted metaphorical and educational manner.
It is also meant to drive of awareness and incentivize real-world sustainable actions, especially those that are not related to retail — such as volunteering for cleanups, recycling, or reusing/repairing vs. purchasing new goods —where there is often a lack of incentives and rewards.

Long-term sustainability

Carbon offsetting or green financing alone will not change our climate crisis without a fundamental change in consumer behavior and business models. Beanterra is just the first launchpad to connect and transform individual mentality and behavior towards the environment.
Green Beanz's long-term vision is to expand the Beanz token into an ecosystem that creates incentivization and recognition for sustainable actions at various levels from enterprise to end-users.
As explained in our tokenomics, Green Beanz envisions having a new breed of sustainability-driven currency to power a new kind of sustainability-driven ecosystem.

Energy usage of blockchain

Beanterra and Green Beanz are strategically invested in Zilliqa's sharding and PoS technology, as a means to significantly reduce the energy (and carbon) footprint of the Zilliqa chain. This ensures that on-chain decentralization and transparency can still be maintained while minimizing the energy and carbon usage of the Zilliqa chain.


Green Beanz are strategically partnering with organizations within the sustainability space. This includes the following partners:
  • SusGain - a sustainability Rewards App partner
  • EcoWatt - a carbon trading Token which generates Carbon Offset Certificates
  • Homestead - a real estate company working on solutions to environmental and urban challenges
  • Okimoto - a launch pad on the Zilliqa blockchain
We are also engaging with a number of other relevant partners and welcome enquiries for partnership.