Team 👷‍♂️

Beanterra is brought to you by the Green Beanz team based in Singapore (incorporated as Null Carbon Pte. Ltd.), with a healthy mix of experience ranging from IT, business, legal and game development.

Dr Chun Hui Suen - CEO

Chun Hui has over 10 years of experience in software development, cloud infrastructure, dev-ops and security. He has previously worked on various blockchain projects including Hyperledger Fabric, Rootstock, Ethereum and Avax. He also teaches Ethereum blockchain development in various universities in Singapore and is an environmental NGO co-founder. Chun Hui oversees the overall project vision, game narrative and blockchain-related development.

David Jian - CTO

David is a blockchain full-stack developer with experience building multiple crypto exchanges. He spends most of his time in the blockchain space researching interesting projects and sacrificing sleep to keep up with the latest tech trends. His main responsibility in the team is making sure the application is secure, scalable, friendly, and fun!

Horng Bor Goh - Chief Game Designer

Horng Bor is a veteran in both game design and development. Over the past decade, he has helped build various entertainment games, commercial applications, and also offered gamification consultation services. In addition to directing the game design, he also validates the technicality of designs and features and pushes the envelope to ensure the game is as rewarding as possible.

Shane Zhou - Chief Game Artist

Shane is an Electrical Engineering Diploma grad turned Artist & Designer. A self-professed creative nerd, he is deeply driven by his passion for art, design and animation. He has a wide range of skillsets ranging from conceptualization, illustration and animation, to branding and web design. Shane designs the Beanels, creates art concepts for the game and manages the overall consistency of the game art assets in the team, ensuring the game is pleasing to the eye and fun to play with!

Sok Yih Lam - Co-founder

Sok Yih has over 10 years of experience in IT business strategy, systems implementation, change management and operations. She has developed an expertise in leading project execution and driving results in regional teams across Asia. She has an MBA from INSEAD and a Bachelor of Accountancy from SMU. Sok Yih manages the team’s operations and finance.

Glen - Co-founder

Glen has over 15 years in the technology field with a focus on fintech and the public sector. His experience includes solution architecture and channel management at MNCs. He also provides consulting services to growth companies and has a background as a lawyer. His main responsibilities are the partner ecosystem, business strategy, and legal and compliance.

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