Beanterra litepaper

Introduction 😇

What is Beanterra?

Beanterra is the only turn-based tactics NFT game, and the largest one built on the Zilliqa blockchain for scalability, low carbon footprint and low transaction fees. We plan to grow beyond Zilliqa and support multiple chain.
The game allows players to earn and contribute to sustainability simultaneously. Players control Beanels to defeat Bemoths in a collaborative attempt to save their planet—Beanterra—from an impending climate crisis. Beanterra is designed to be fun and easy to start but with sufficient depth for replayability.

Our vision

The team behind Beanterra—Green Beanz—boasts a diverse background of environmental activism combined with software, blockchain, game and business development. We identified a huge gap between intention and action for sustainability and set out to solve the problem of climate change through NFT gaming.
Besides being a fun game, Beanterra has a greater vision to promote environmental awareness and incentivize for real-world sustainable actions. Beanterra will be the first step in cultivating a living and breathing ecosystem of drivers rooted in consumer sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
As we move towards 2030, we envision that there will be an exponential growth of demand for sustainability. With increasing legal obligations, blockchain technology will be a key component to creating greater transparency and accounting for sustainability.
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